2022 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

The 2021 Taiwan International Orchid Symposium will be held on March 5. This year’s theme is “How interesting orchids are! – Creating a happy life with orchids”. Posters that present important research results may be submitted by downloading the form via the link below.   

Poster submission guidelines:

1. Please provide abstract and figure legends in both Chinese and English.

2. Images must be of good resolution. It is recommended that image files be at least 1MB in size. Please do not compress images and do not include images that are blurry or of low resolution. (The template size is 120x90. It is suggested that after editing, the file be previewed at 100%. 

3. Selected posters will be formally and publicly displayed. Submitted posters must comply with all relevant regulations regarding intellectual property rights, such as plant variety rights, patent rights, copyrights, and trade secrets, etc.

4. The deadline for submission of poster source files (please do not compress) is Monday, February 22, 2021. Please send to iris12@tari.gov.tw. Reply will be sent upon receipt. If you do not receive a reply, please call 05-5828305 (outside of Taiwan +886-5-5828305) to check the status of your submission.


Poster submission form:



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