2022 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

2019.3.3 update

B7-003 Paph.Gloria Nangle ’Tristar’  三星蘭園(Tristar Orchids)/張文賢(Johnson Chang)

Paph. Gloria Nangle ’Tristar’ is the hybrid from single flower, Paph.miczanthun, and Paph.rothschildianum. She is one of the best individual plant which inherited the advantages of its parents. Paph. Gloria Nangle ’Tristar’ was ever won the TIOS Grand Champion in 2017 and got FCC of the highest score (90) as well. In TIOS 2019, it not only earns the Grand Champion, but also gets the GM prize with 90 points. It deserves to be awarded the Grand Champion.

H2-012 Paph.Wossner Black Wings ‘chang’   欣郁蘭園(Shin Yi Orchids)

Paph.Wossner Black Wings ‘chang’ is the hybrid from Paph. Rothsdildianum and Paph. Anitum. It got 5 flowers in its first blooming and had unique flower shape with special color, particularly its pouch is elegant and the inflorescent has well order. It is one of the best Paphiopedilum ever.

A9-007 Enc. Shinfong Smile ‘Shang’   張天乙(CHANG, TIEN-YI)

Aglaia odorata, which has big egg-shape pseudobulbs as well as long and fine leaves, is one of the easily cultivated orchids. Enc. Shinfong Smile ‘Shang’ is huge and it has 12 peduncles. Each peduncle is firm, and it can bloom the most 20 flowers. Its color for pearl and sepal is maroom with green base and its lip is white wit h red heart. With special colors, nature flower shape, firm texture, fragrance, Enc. Shinfong Smile ‘Shang’ is a spectacular one and awards the group champion prize.

D5-010 Rhy.Chorchalood ’Lai’  賴德善(LAI,TE-SHAN)

Rhy.Chorchalood ’Lai’ is the hybrid from Rhy.gigantea and Rhy.retusa. It inherits the big flowers from Rhy.gigantea and high-density inflorescent from Rhy.retusa. As distinguished from Rhy.gigantea, the direction of inflorescent goes up and than goes down. Rhy.Chorchalood ’Lai’ is healthy with no dropping leaves. Its peduncles distribute equally. Long and magnificent inflorescents make Rhy.Chorchalood ’Lai’ as a fine art.

F1-017 Den.polyanthum ‘Linol’  萌芳花卉農場(Meng Fang Flower Bowery)

Den.polyanthum ‘Linol’ has a common name as Den primulinu. It has a feature of easy blooming and demonstrates its perfection of this variety. The plant is Long and saggy, and every nodes is able to bloom. Whole plant looks like a huge waterfall and flowers has smooth shape with bright color. It seems a delicate screen while you see in the distance.

C12-004 Phal. Lioulin Hot Lip ‘Lee1184’  鮮明農業有限公司(Char Ming Agriculture Co., Ltd.)

Phal. Lioulin Hot Lip ‘Lee1184’, Which has big lip, is the most popular varieties in recent years. In addition, it has a special black color with purple spots. While blooming, it looks like a cluster of flying purple butterflies. The flower is white with wide strips spreading out purple shadow. It is hard to move the eyes from this bright plant.

This plant was bred by Huang Gao Ming, Liou Lin Orchids. Its mother plant is Phal. Chian Xen Vidino and father plant is Phal. Lioulin Lovely Lip. Seedling bloomed in 2014. Char Ming Agriculture Co., Ltd. has obtained this blooming plant in 2014 spring. With cultivating for 5 years, they pick the best one from two children plants and this offspring plant has 7 peduncles with 135 flowers and 39 buds. It is the most dazzling purple butterflies.  


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