2022 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

2020.02.21 update



  • The orchid of happiness

Orchid Textiles

Tainan has long been the most representative hub of the textile industry in Taiwan. From developing functional, high value-added materials to creating unique brands, the City has generated colorful textiles worth tens of billions of dollars. Tainan’s deeply-rooted strength in traditional crafts proves the long-standing glories of Tainan’s textile industry. Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) uses “Orchid Textiles” as the theme. Combining the orchid element, the venue presents old photos, a textile wall, and a fashion runway. The delicate and classic textile patterns are a visual and tactile feast for the visitors. Incorporating the contemporary fashion trends, the creative designs inspired by orchid textiles further add innovation and excellence to Tainan’s sustainable textile industry.



  • Competition Hall


The worldwide reputation of Taiwan’s orchids should be attributed to the effort of the orchid breeders. In light of this, a series of competitions in the competition area is held called “orchids in bloom.” All the outstanding orchid breeders are invited to join the competitions, showing the achievements of Taiwan’s orchid cultivation over the past hundred years.



  • Design Hall

Orchids Bloom under the Sky—Land of Abundance


The land of abundance is full of vigor! When entering the design hall, you will first see the light corridor hung with orchid-shaped decorations that lure you into the venue. With “Orchids Bloom under the Sky—Land of Abundance” as the theme, we invite you to take a look at the large metal engraving art on the orchid theme wall and enjoy the orchid-inspired products carefully laid out. In the corridor, you will see Noren curtains printed with orchid-related poems, and behind these curtains, plentiful orchid lace art can be seen. Meanwhile, we present the flower preservation techniques brought from Japan, whereby visitors can learn how to preserve the beauty of orchids. You can also try some orchid tea, or check out the boutique hallway with all the orchid-related brands known all over the world. Throughout the entire venue, you can explore or purchase products. Come and visit the design hall and immerse yourself in the creativity inspired by orchids.



Exhibition and Sales Area of Agricultural Specialty Products


From produce, fish, to poultry and meat, “Tainan Agricultural Specialty Product Hall” gathers all the exquisite agricultural speciality products from all the regions of Tainan. It further invites local “New Tainan Farmers” and “Tainan Agricultural Community” to set up a “Tainan’s Excellent Rice” section for introducing Tainan’s quality local produce to visitors from home and abroad, enabling them to know more about the diverse and quality agricultural industry of Tainan.



  •  Connoisseur Hall

This pavilion is an independent area, specially designed for local orchid breeders and foreign traders, which is not open to the public, but free for trade talks and business negotiations of all exhibitors by issuing name card for admission. In the Pavilion, international buyers can review all sorts of orchid by a variety of pots in the large, medium and small seedlings, number of peduncles, number of flowers, plant height, flower size, flower main-color, flower sub-color. All these varieties of orchid, which marked with growing characteristics and its growing data, are stably suppling by Taiwan orchid breeders. For better elaborating the soft power and in-depth understanding of Taiwan orchid industry, please visit us in the Pavilion Connoisseur.



  • Orchid Bazaar


Orchid Bazaar, under careful planning, can be your best choice in designing and portraying exciting orchid decorations in your home. Various orchid genus, species, color and floral variety, are available in Orchid Bazaar, as well as many horticultural products, knowledge on orchid breeding and decorations. For an orchid lover like you, The Bazaar is not to be a miss for finding treasures of orchid!



  • Oversea Landscape Exhibiting Area

Oversea Landscape Exhibiting Area allows you to wander freely at Lake Wondai, not only enjoy the lake scenery but also enjoy watching excellent ornamental and floral installations in the world featured booths, designed and decorated by Japan, Indonesia, Dominica, Canada, Singapore, and so forth. Taking your camera to enjoy the outdoor landscapes in their authentic style and extraordinary designs, in which the beauty and serenity of orchids are amid with the scene.


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