2023 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show


 As long as you meet the magic mirror, the beauty of orchids can be seen at a glance and quickly manifested! Through the magical power of the mirror, it reflects the ever-changing world of orchids with hundreds of varieties.

A 65-million-year-old bee unraveled the mystery of the origin of orchids?

The long-beaked hawkmoth with 30 cm mouthparts determines the life and death of the great comet Fenglan?

4 huge dinosaurs are by your side, allowing you to experience the world from the Cretaceous to the Jurassic!

The field of vision seen in the kaleidoscope, the colorful refraction of colors, is like the colorful and impressive orchids.

Travel through the huge magic mirror world, and see the giant objects in the magic forest.


The competition pavilion with the theme of "Thousands of Orchids" is the most amazing pavilion in the 2023 Taiwan International Orchid Exhibition. 200 judges from home and abroad will select the champion with the best performance among various orchids The flower competition and display fully presents various orchid species and orchid combination pot art in Taiwan, allowing you to enjoy the exciting content of thousands of orchids competing for beauty. For the first time, it is planned that the most popular award will be voted by the public. Through the lottery, the willingness of the public to participate will be increased. It is limited to the public who visit the site.


This pavilion is to provide an independent space for domestic orchid producers to contact foreign manufacturers. In order to facilitate all exhibitors to effectively and smoothly carry out relevant business negotiations and sales operations, it is not open to the public. It is only for negotiators to provide business cards to enter the pavilion.

This museum also displays the commercial varieties of orchids that can be stably supplied in China at present, and labels the growth characteristics and growth information, so that interested international buyers can clearly see the pot diameter, number of pedicels, and flowers of the variety when it is large, medium, or small. Number, plant height, flower size, main flower color, flower secondary color, enrich the depth of the international orchid exhibition, and also promote the soft power of Taiwanese orchids.


It is the first time to create an exhibition hall focusing on flower education, providing dynamic and static activity planning content, giving people a different feeling, including flower art classrooms, flower art performances, orchid bookstores, home flower art exhibitions, student painting exhibitions, etc. Rich display content Waiting for you to visit!


The market planned by this exhibition hall allows you to easily create the orchid in the empty valley in your mind at home. All kinds of orchids, flower colors, and fragrances are available for sale in various orchid businesses. There are also many gardening and landscape materials for sale. The friendly sales staff can provide you with related knowledge on orchid cultivation and decorative orchids; I like all kinds of rare orchids. For you, don’t miss this rare treasure-digging opportunity! In addition to orchid-related booths, other booths related to living plants and cultural and creative biotechnology will also be opened this time, and staff lectures will be held, so that visitors can buy enough at one stop in the museum. Items needed.

展覽地點:展區1:大臺南會展中心(台南市歸仁區歸仁十二路3號)  ꕥ 展區2:臺灣蘭花生物科技園區(臺南市後壁區烏樹林325號)

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