2022 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

     Based on the creation of an intersection between Tainan’s status as a city of happiness and the future development of Taiwan’s orchid industry, the continuing conflicts of present versus future and ideal versus practical were arranged into a blueprint for a development vision. By incorporating and integrating modern technology and innovative capability, connections were created with Tainan City’s overall development, leading to unlimited possibilities for the orchid industry. 

     “In a happy city, people do not simply live there because of their work. Rather, they desire to walk along its streets and experience it in depth. Only then can there be the realization of how to improve it. When you can tell a different story or find a different interpretation method to introduce this city, it is a very happy thing.” A happy city should be a two-way concept. When residents are not hampered by worries and can pursue an ideal lifestyle, they will take the next step, putting in effort in their surrounding environment to create more wonderful living spaces, resulting in a positive cycle. 

     Using artist conceptions of orchids in combination with a map of Tainan City, there is contrast between ultimate gray and brilliant yellow hues. This is used to express the idea of something dark or drab appearing beautiful when looked at again in the first light of morning. These hues comprise the idea of hope, replicating the happy atmosphere of Tainan City and pointing to the anticipation of a better future with the arrival of 2021.


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