2023 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

Orchids of Mirrors


"Mirror, mirror, where is the most beautiful orchid?"

As long as you meet the magic mirror, the beauty of orchids can be seen at a glance and quickly manifested! Through the magical power of the mirror, it reflects the ever-changing world of orchids with hundreds of varieties.

  • A 65-million-year-old bee unraveled the mystery of the origin of orchids?
  • The long-beaked hawkmoth with 30 cm mouthparts determines the life and death of the great comet Fenglan?
  • 4 huge dinosaurs are by your side, allowing you to experience the world from the Cretaceous to the Jurassic!
  • The field of vision seen in the kaleidoscope, the colorful refraction of colors, is like the colorful and impressive orchids.
  • Travel through the huge magic mirror world, and see the giant objects in the magic forest.


"2023 Taiwan International Orchid Show" sees the origin, development and changes of orchids through the magic mirror world of the kaleidoscope. Children and adults can understand the magic mirror of orchids~ From the small kaleidoscope, they discovered bees, saw dinosaurs, and finally walked into the magic forest, follow us to visit the Orchid of Mirrors and see a new starting point for orchids.




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