2023 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

    The theme of the 2022 Taiwan International Orchid Show is “The Fantasy World of Orchids”, which especially uses familiar fairytale fantasies as prototypes, and a wide variety of colorful orchids in presenting the magical orchid worlds. Led by an adorable orchid friend, transformed from the beautiful flat-leaved vanilla, you can embark on a series of adventures in the fantasy worlds such as “Underwater World”, “Jungle and Waterfall”, “Sweet Forest”, “Dream Castle”, “Sinister Island”, “Desert Oasis”, etc. In the fantasy worlds, you can wander in the underwater world, chase frogs and insects in the jungle and waterfall, head to the deserted island to fight demons, walk with the giant genie in the desert oasis, savor the candy house when hungry, or hop on the pumpkin carriage wearing beautiful glass slippers to the dream castle to dance with the prince.



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