2022 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

City of Tainan and Taiwan Orchid Growers Association Jointly Announce the Postponement of the Taiwan International Orchid Show


Due to the expected high flow of over 200,000 people to visit the 10-day orchid show and to comply with the national health emergency policy, Mr. Wei-Che Huang, the Mayor of Tainan, announced today (February 28, 2020) to postpone the 2020 Taiwan International Orchid Show at the suggestion of Taiwan Orchid Growers Association.


“Facing the impact of the COVID-19 disease, if the orchid show continues, it may negatively affect the image of Taiwan,” said Mr. Ahby Tseng, Secretary General of Taiwan Orchid Growers Association.  He added, “Postponing the show to later in the year will help the confinement of the COVOD-19 and to help the recovery of the orchid industry in Taiwan”.


Mayor Huang pointed that the Taiwan International Orchid Show steps into its 16th year.  Last year (2019), over 210,000 people visited Taiwan Orchid Plantation, creating a NT$13,000,000,000 (~US$43 million) in sales value.  “Although we feel we have done all we can possibly do to contain the virus from spreading, we must be extremely cautious in maintaining our brand and image.  Therefore, we made a painful decision to postpone the show”, added the Mayor.


There are two orchid shows in Taiwan this year.  The Taiwan International Orchid Show and the World Orchid Conference and Show in Taichung join hands to enhance the branding of Taiwan’s orchids.  Mayor Huang of Tainan appreciates the suggestion from Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu of Taichung to postpone the shows together, allowing all involved an opportunity to coordinate the aftermath.




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